How to Clean & Care for your Muay Thai Shorts: A Comprehensive Guide

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How to Clean & Care for your Muay Thai Shorts: A Comprehensive Guide

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Muay Thai is a demanding and intense sport that requires dedication, discipline, and the right gear. Your Muay Thai shorts play a crucial role in your performance, making it essential to keep it in top condition. Proper care of your Muay Thai shorts is essential to maintain their quality, longevity, and vibrant appearance. Remember that a good pair, treated with care, can easily withstand the rigors of hard training and the test of time. Check out our guide on choosing the best Muay Thai shorts.


Types of Muay Thai Shorts

Satin, polyester and nylon are the 3 most common fabrics used in making Muay Thai shorts, with satin taking the lead as the preferred choice for competitions and training due to its look, breathability and comfort. Polyester-blend Muay Thai shorts are often lightweight and moisture-wicking but may not be as comfortable to wear as natural materials like cotton or satin silk. Nylon, commonly found in more affordable shorts for everyday training or as souvenirs in Thailand, varies in quality, with higher-grade options nearly matching satin in terms of durability and wicking capability. Despite their robust construction, Muay Thai shorts can benefit significantly from proper care, not only for hygiene reasons but also to prolong their lifespan.


Care Instructions

  1. Check the care label for washing instructions – When in doubt, always turn to the care label. The manufacturer best understands the complexities of the fabric and design, making their instructions the most reliable source for maintaining the longevity and vibrancy of your Muay Thai shorts.
  2. Handwash, when possible – Handwashing is good because it minimizes rubbing against other clothes and gives your shorts the individual attention they deserve. If you prefer machine washing for convenience, turn the shorts inside out and use a netted laundry bag to protect them. 
  3. Use a mild soap/detergent – No matter which method you choose, always use a mild soap and avoid bleach or any harsh chemicals to prevent colors from fading.
  4. Do not tumble dry – Tumble drying can cause tiny tears in the fabric, shortening the lifespan of your shorts. Following these simple care tips ensures your Muay Thai shorts stay in top shape for years of regular training, keeping them functional and looking vibrant.
  5. Dry your shorts indoors – Direct sun drying can fade colors, so it's better to air dry them indoors. Most Muay Thai shorts are made from a polyester blend, so they dry quickly indoors anyways.


SIAMKICK Muay Thai Shorts

SIAMKICK Muay Thai shorts are crafted using MicroSatin, a proprietary blend of microfiber and satin. This unique combination offers practitioners the best of both worlds, combining the superior qualities of microfiber and satin to enhance comfort, performance, and aesthetics. Elevate your training and in-ring experiences with shorts that embody not just style, but the essence of the sport.

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